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Job Summary


Producer is responsible for establishing and managing the production budget and schedule. Works with the Director and show leadership to create a budget, develop a schedule, and build a crew for a long format animation or hybrid project. Responsible for the delivery of a project and for all dollars necessary for the project’s completion. Combines negotiation and communication skills with artistic and creative understanding to deliver the highest quality of story-telling possible within the parameters of the budget and schedule.

Duties and Responsibilities

•Create the overall budget and schedule for a feature-length project
•Create and present an overall production plan, including budget, schedule, staffing plan, cash flow, and artistic standards and references for the project
•Collaborate with the Director to staff the leadership team for the project
•Work with the technology group to create and oversee a plan for technology and pipeline requirements of the project
•Negotiate deals and negotiate contracts with artists, voice talent, writers and agents
•Work with Production Teams on other in-house projects to facilitate optimum use of resources (both human crew and studio technology) across all shows
•Communicate with Production Team and with Studio Management weekly regarding the creative, resource, financial, and technical state of the project
•Work with Associate Producers and Production Managers to mentor and grow their abilities with negotiations, working with Directors, and working with Studio Management to successfully deliver a project
•Provide reports and maintain relationships with external distribution partners and/or clients
•Project Management – proven ability in managing projects from concept to completion. Able to prioritize appropriately and always meet deadlines
•Project Bidding – experience in assembling an overall bid packet for a feature animated film as required by a distributor or a bond company
•Excellent Teamwork – ability to assemble and motivate teams and work effectively with others
•Superb Written & Verbal Communication – ability to interact with and integrate requests of directors, broadcasters, executives and clients
•Organization – demonstrated organizational skills including attention to detail
•Strong Problem Solving Skills
•Excellent conflict resolution and negotiation skills
•Strong understanding of the computer animated film process
•Casting and recording session experience with proven ability to find the qualities in performers necessary for the creative goals of a project
•Strong understanding of the needs of an animated film and ability to identify specific needs based on the scope and design of the story

Education and Experience Requirements

•Bachelor’s (BA) degree from accredited four-year college or university or equivalent experience
•Have a solid basis in working with numbers
•Top notch leadership skills
•Experience as a Line Producer on at least one animated feature film, or as a Production Manager on at least 2 animated films
•Able to communicate creative and technical thoughts and ideas
•Able to multi-task and prioritize
•Able to thrive in a high pressure, deadline oriented environment

Note:This job description is not meant to be all inclusive. Employee may be required to perform other duties to meet the ongoing needs of the organization.